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MakerSquare Student Spotlight – Jesse Kevon, Music Scene to Tech Industry

Jesse Kevon

Whether you’re a musician or a developer, making quality work that is enjoyed by others is an amazing feeling. Jesse Kevon is ready to bring his passion for creating out of the music industry and into the tech industry with the help of MakerSquare’s instructors and mentors.

Where are you from? What’s your professional and educational background?
I’m originally from Davidsville, PA, a small town outside of Pittsburgh. Over the last seven years I’ve lived all over, from Nashville to Seattle and now Austin. I studied graphic design and photography at Pennsylvania College of Technology for a short time before moving down to Nashville, TN where I had the opportunity to manage a music venue. After that, I worked for a vinyl record pressing company where I ran the shipping department.  

What made you apply to MakerSquare? Is this a career change for you? Or are you just out of school?This will be a career change for me. Before this, my work experience comprised of music business, factory jobs, and retail. None of which I had a desire to pursue longterm. After researching career options, Web Development made the most sense to me and was the most relevant to my creative interests. I reached out to a good friend of mine in Seattle who is a rails developer to get an idea of what it would look like to start a career in web developing. After our encouraging conversation I signed up for a Treehouse account and started learning how to build websites with HTML and CSS. I loved it, and began building websites for friends, and I wanted to learn more! My friend suggested I look into Coding bootcamps to advance my education, learn computer programming languages such as Ruby and Javascript, and help jumpstart my career as a web developer. Makersquare stood out to me because the courses had more to offer than most of the other bootcamps I researched. I also love how Makersquare welcomes everyone from the experienced to inexperienced and everyone in-between. I believe that will create a wonderful dynamic between all of the students when learning. 

What excites you about being a web developer?
I love building and creating. I get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing what I create instantly. I believe I found a career that I am passionate about and I believe I can do well and will allow me to provide for my family. I also love the challenge of being a web developer. There is always something new to learn, everyday. I love that. The challenge creates diligence and persistence and I want a job that will allow me to continue to grow as a creative thinker, a developer, and as a person.

What’s your dream job?
I would love to work for an Austin based tech company as a web developer building websites + web apps. Being able to work in a relaxed and creative environment where I will be creating something awesome for others to use and enjoy is a dream of mine.  

Who’s your idol/hero?
My dad. I respect him a ton, and he’s always been a good example of a loving and supportive father to me. He’s always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and to never give up. 

The next 10 weeks at MakerSquare will be a whirlwind adventure. What are you most excited for?
I am a hands-on learner, so I am excited about working alongside instructors and classmates on projects and building web apps. I learn best from doing, failing, and trying again until I have completed the task at hand, and I believe Makersquare is going to push me to learn in new ways. 

A creative thinker and nice person are just two qualities we look for in our students and Jesse definitely has both. With a love for music and a great future as a developer ahead of him Jesse fits right in with the Austin tech scene. Connect with him on Twitter, @JesseKevon and follow @MakerSquare to join the tech conversation online.

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