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Inaugural Cohort: Recap of Work

Think back to when you were learning how to program. You may have gone through the college route and taken 4 years of CS classes to deeply understand programming, or you may have been driven by your personal curiosity and taught yourself.

Whichever route you took, think about where you were 10 weeks into your journey. What knowledge did you obtain? What were you able to build? How confident were you in your skills?

We at MakerSquare just had a solid bunch of developers go through a 10 week journey in which they blazed through a curriculum boasting HTML/CSS, Ruby, Rails, Javascript and more!

Check out what our new developers have created:



An online community for tattoo enthusiasts and artists. The service allows anyone to share their tattoo art via Twitter. The app is also a platform for tattoo artists to showcase their portfolio with a clean and personal artist profile. Artist portfolios can be created in 4 easy steps in less than 30 seconds.

Technology: Hashtat is a Rails application with a responsive web design which uses the Twitter API, jQuery, Carrierwave, Amazon S3, and much more.

Developers: Doa Jafri, Tina Shah, Shannon Byrne



A service for teachers to easily communicate to their students’ parents via SMS text messaging. Teachers can manage daily announcements for months in advance and BringUp will send text messages to the parents every evening.

Technology: BringUp is a Rails app that uses Twilio SMS to send text messages. The design of the app is responsive. For parents to sign up, the app generates a unique pdf and uses a separate state machine to manage SMS communication.

Developers: Lydia Guarino, Patricia Silva



A service for developers to find other developers to pair program. A developer inputs their skill level, location, and other preferences. CoderMatch will use their unique search algorithm to match you with developers nearby and around the world. Developer matches are placed on a easy-to-use Google map.

Technology: CoderMatch is a Rails application using Google Maps API, geocoding, database search, devise, and OmniAuth with Github.

Developers: Gene Le, Joanne Daudier



An easy-to-use meeting scheduling service. The first user can paint their availability for the next few days/weeks. Based on the first user’s availability, the second user chooses a time that works best for them. Once a meeting time is determined, the service sends a calendar invite via email to both users.

Technology: BlockTalk is a Rails app that uses advanced jQuery and Javascript to make the service very user friendly. The app manages date/time across time zones all around the world and uses ActionMailer to send email.

Developers: Alex Levine, Eric Levine, Silas Rioux

To see the remaining projects and to reach out to our graduates please contact MakerSquare at

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